Wedding Services

When you share your wedding vision with Weddings in Umbria, you get the full commitment of our passionate and experienced team of professionals. We take great pride in tackling any sized celebration and bringing your dream escape to life.
And since this experience is a collaboration, we welcome your input every step of the way. (We’re also partial to hugs and high-fives, if you’re really inspired!)  In addition to our full suite of event services, we also offer an exclusive Concierge Service to accommodate your individual needs.
Full wedding planning including concierge Italian holiday rentals Facility rentals Local excursions And much more, just ask!


Combination holidays

Our package perfect for those wanting more from Italy than just a suntan. With a whole host of excitingactivities and experiences right here in Umbria, you don’t have to travel far for an unforgettable day out …

* Escape the heat and shop till you drop in some ofItaly’s famous malls
* Take an adventure into the forests on a traditional truffle hunt 
* Tease your tastebuds in an afternoon of wine tasting
* Impress your friends back home with lessons learned in alocal cookery class
* A country walk is the perfect way to relax and take in the scenery


Wedding Planner

Our passionate team will deliver your dream wedding experience from the grandest inspiration, down to the finest detail. And we know you’ll love our industry-best service and extensive knowledge of Italy – its sites, traditions, and hidden gems. We’ll arrange everything! All you have to do is soak in the magic as your wedding experience unfolds for you and all of your loved ones. Live your dream wedding with Weddings in Umbria, and experience Italy the way you’ve always imagined – sealed with a kiss. Say HELLO, we’re eager to hear what you think! If you would like to get started planning your Italy escape or to chat with us more about our services, just call or message, our friendly team is always happy to respond to your inquiries.

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